The 4ICG group are the driving force behind the UK’s most talked-about marketing brands

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How do we do it?

Business decisions are driven through change and necessity. Knowing what initiates, affects and influences a decision is key.

4icg delivers exceptional client results through a proprietary blend of data points, business performance tracking and direct engagement with decision makers.

Measuring and monitoring literally thousands of data points per prospect and how they interact with each other, 4icg has built a continuously refining model that ensures our clients target buyers that are ready to engage.

It is this ability to define growth through successful engagement that pushes our clients’ (and ultimately our) success.

We bridge the gap between technology providers and growth.​

Success Highlights

Whilst the group has an extensive global footprint, each specialist team remains local – ensuring all clients benefit from our award-winning workplace culture. This can be seen by the exposure we receive by being featured in: